Flexible time tracking for Atlassian Cloud, Google Workspaces or GitHub

Flexible time tracking.

Timespent Add-on is easy and flexible time tracking means with four Reports:

  • Time Entry provides convenient way to record worked hours in real time, i.e. start, stop, resume timer, log worked done or edit previous records.
  • Timesheet provides the most extensive means to analyze users' workload. It has classical sheet view by day. Also with numerous report Options it is possible to get few variants of the report.
  • Pivot by User displays a summary of worked hours for project for certain period, where columns are project users (resources) and rows are project issues (tasks).
  • Pie Chart displays a summary of worked hours for project for certain period in Pie Chart.


Just visit https://timespent.herokuapp.com/ and confirm authorization.


When installed it adds Timespent repository page, accessible from sidebar. It provides different time tracking views.

It allows to log work done and build reports of Timespent across all repositories and users over certain period of time.


Please report problems by creating issues in tempo-io/timespent repository.

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